Blackjack is one of the most popular card games. It involves comparing cards between different players and a dealer. It originated in America. Later it was appreciated worldwide. Initially, the game was played on brick and mortar casinos where players could meet and play. However, with increased technological advancement, there is a development of online blackjack games. Instead of meeting on physical casinos, blackjack is now available online. All you need is to have a smartphone and you are good to go. Online blackjack retains most of the attributes of the old physical blackjack. They include cards color and tables. However, it lacks that physical tourch with players.

Tips that Can Help You Land on a Legit Blackjack.

With the development of online blackjack, people can now minimize the time wasted when traveling to play blackjack in physical casinos. It was also expensive since you could be required to register for membership in some casino clubs. Now that the game is available online, it became more popular worldwide. People can play at their convenient place and time. In order to keep people entertained, developers keep coming with innovative ideas that keep making online blackjack to be more fun. For example, there is introduction of live blackjack that brings more interactivity. Players can see the dealer dealing the cards in a real-time scenario and also talk to them.

With the current improvement, blackjack will keep attracting people. Blackjack is enjoyed on online casinos together with a collection of other games. However, you can also find an online casino that offers blackjack game only. Initially, you could sign-up in any casino and play your game with all fun and fairness. However, things changed when scammers decided to join the queue and slash the gambling pie. A lot of players have lost their fortune while playing online blackjack in untrusted casinos. Here, we are going to share some of the tips that can help you to land on a legit black ack casino. Before you can trust any site, make sure you check the following details;

  • Is the online blackjack casino licensed?
  • Are offers realistic?
  • Is there any missing information?
  • Can you see some distracting information?
  • What are the other players saying?


License Information Is Crucial

Like any other business, online blackjack casino operates under a license. Before a casino can be permitted to operate in your country, they must provide proof of license. A license will control all their operation. For example, an online casino is not allowed to allow people with the age of below 18 years to do gambling on their site. In case they do so and get caught, they will undergo disciplinary steps. In the worst case, they can have their license revoked. There is a policy document the site owners have to sign before they are allowed to contact their gambling business in a particular country.

Before you trust any online blackjack casino, you must check the availability of a valid license. The license number should be published for the players to see. It should be displayed somewhere you can access it with ease. The best place is on the home page. If you have to expose internal pages before you can get the license information, then it is a red flag. It is also good to confirm the validity of the license number. Some smart scammers can forge the license number and appear as real. In most countries, there is official database that contains all license information. You can do license comparison before making your final decision.

Are the Offers Realistic?

Currently, with the increased number of online blackjack casinos, there is a great competition. Every site is doing what they can to attract and retain players. For example, they will all try and improve their services to increase their reputation. Every casino has its own marketing strategy. Most of them will give new players some bonuses, jackpots and free games. Such offers are there to encourage more sign-ups and deposits. For the seasoned players, they also get some VIP offers such as free money, free shopping vouchers, holiday tickets, a ticket to join golf clubs, etc. Those offers depend on the financial capability of the online blackjack casino.

It is normal to have such offers in online casinos. However, they all have some terms and conditions. There are certain times you will have to play your bonus before it is available for withdrawing. That is what we call the wagering requirement. In most scenarios, a wagering requirement of any bonus is around 40x. Online scammers will give you unrealistic bonuses. For example, you can find a non-wagering bonus offer of €400 if you do your first €10.5 deposit. Such an offer is too good to be true. In real sense, such casinos can go bankrupt on their first day of operation. Always run away from such casinos.

  • It is good to read the bonus policy before commiting yourself.
  • The wagering requirement is there to limit the missuse of bonuses.

Is there Missing Information?

A legit casino will always display all the information that the players need to see. For example, people will want to see the information about the other players available in the game. In some cases, they can have a real-time chat. Another crucial information is the address of the physical office and also a working phone number. All this information is needed to prove that a site is legit. It is always good to be a curious gambler and explore the site. Address information is found on the "Contact Us" page or somewhere on the home page. If such information is not available, you should shy away from such a casino.

A fraud online blackjack casino will disclose very little about their existence. In some cases, they can always provide a fake address. If possible you should confirm the address. It is good to pay them an impromptu visit if they have given the street and house number. If you are playing on a blackjack site, it is good to keep all the address details. In most cases, scammers will keep changing their location details to avoid being caught. In some cases, they will also keep changing the company name. If you detect any change in your blackjack casino, it is good to withdraw your balance and deactivate the account.

  • You can use physical address when you want to bail a petition against an online casino.


Is there Any Distracting Information?

In brick and mortar scenario, the use of distractors is acceptable. Well, the blackjack game requires 100% for you to win. Casino owners know all this. That is why they will try and distract the players. In most cases, they will send a half-naked woman to your table to give you a glass of free wine. If the concentrate on the woman, you lose your focus and the house gets an advantage. In the online blackjack scenario, distractors are used by scammers. You will open a site with images such as an attractive table, people holding big money, beautiful dealers, or even expensive wine. Their main aim is to make you confused and register without checking their authenticity.

As we wind up, we have to answer one question. Can we really count an online blackjack? Well, according to the above tips, we can prove the authenticity of a blackjack site. Yes, online blackjack was developed to bring more convenience and fun. However, with this era of online scammers, we can easily lose our money on fraud casinos. If we follow those tips to the letter, we can wipe out scammers and remain with only a breed of online casinos that can help future generations. Once you land on a legit blackjack casino, make sure you refer your friends. By so doing we will all enjoy the fun of blackjack gambling.

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